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Kyrgyzstan produces first ever 3D animated TV series

Kyrgyzstan produces first ever 3D animated TV series

Presentation of the first ever Kyrgyzstan's 3D animated TV series took place in Bishkek. The Adventures of Akylbek and Bilimbek tells the kids about telecommunications.

“The series are about new technologies, Internet and mobile communications. The premiere was held in Bishkek within the festival of science and technologies,” Director of the 5palcev animation studio Ulan Dubanayev told the press conference on November 18.

“More than 200 children participated in the creation of the series. They have chosen the names of the main characters, clothing, and other things by themselves,” according to Artistic Director of the project Sergei Krolevich.

The animated series also include data on education, which “encourages and shows kids that learning can be very useful and informative,” Krolevich added.

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