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Parliament Speaker Tursunbekov resigns

Parliament Speaker Tursunbekov resigns

Speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament) of Kyrgyzstan Chynybai Tursunbekov resigned today at the meeting of the parliament.

Tursunbekov said that he did this to preserve stability in the society.

"Seven years I have been in politics, I was the leader of the SDPK (Social Demovratic Party of Kyrgyzstan) faction, I was elected the Speaker of the Jogorku Kenesh, when I came to the party, it was with concrete ideas, we implemented a lot, but not all. Our Kyrgyz Parliament holds a high place in the international arena and actively demonstrates its activities. We were able to set a goal and were able to fulfill it," he said.

Tursunbekov said that the country is moving to parliamentary power. To do this, it is necessary to bring the constitutional reform to the end.

"For 1.5 years I tried to justify the trust. I did not divide the deputies into "position" and "opposition", thus keeping the political balance inside the parliament. Someone might like my position, some do not. All my activities were based on the principles of legality. Kyrgyzstan held presidential elections, which will result in a peaceful transfer of power, which should be continued in other branches of government, so I am resigning. My decision is not connected with political conjuncture," he said..

The deputies thanked Tursunbekov for his good work as head of parliament and noted that he worked professionally, qualitatively and fairly. "You were a fair speaker," the parliamentarians said.

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